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Default Various Head to Head Preflop Hands Chart

I am wondering if a good chart is out there that has the majority of common situations and the percentatge advantage each has. I am sure it has to exist, but the search terms I have been using have been failing.

What I am looking for is a list with something like the following:
pair vs over pair - win/loss %
pair vs 2 over cards - win/loss %
pair vs 1 over card - win/loss %
pair vs 2 under cards - win/loss %
2 overs vs 2 unders - win/loss %
1 over and 1 under vs 2 middle cards (A2 vs Q8) - win/loss %
not even sure what to call this one but (AJ vs KT) - win/loss %

I know that not all situations can be covered, but I think you can see what I am looking for. I don't mind doing the leg work and figuring it out, but I assume this has to exist somewhere already.

If anyone has a link to this type of info I would appreciate it.
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