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Default Re: An ADHOC Challenge (Sort of)

Final Stats
7760 Hands

The last few hours were the hardest by far. I dozed off numerous times, and was wholly unable to focus on the computer screen many times. As for results, around hour 22 I hit my peak of +120BB and about 20 minutes after that I got crushed to fall down to about where I ended. I was rather upset with this. I know heavy swings come with 6max but after battling for 22+ hours it just frustrated me to see a nice win get blown away. One friend crashed at about 9AM as I mentioned, and the other finished. He took quite a hit to his bankroll though, as he had just begun playing 2/4 and over the span of the challenge he lost some 150BB. He stuck it out, which I admire becuase I didn't handle a significant downswing very well the last time I did the challenge. The other friend puked and quit because he was feeling sick.

10/20 6max is a swingy game, and can be very frustrating. I am glad that I played it the whole time though. Not only did I get a large number of hands in, but I felt I was playing a sufficiently strong game over the entier 24 hour period. Only when I got hit for 100BB towards the end did I feel like I was playing substantially sub-par. This was definately a bit of tilt, but being dead tired and just fed up with the whole thing definately magnified it. I think I did well to control myself and finish it out though.

I don't think I will be doing this ever again, as now that I get up from a 5 hour nap I still feel just as crappy as at 2:10. By no means was this fun either. Sure there were some good times at the beginning but as it continued all I could think about was quitting and sleeping. I am glad to have this under my belt though, and wouldn't stop anyone else from doing it in the future.

EDIT: Here's a graph. I'm not sure how to enlarge it nor do I feel like figuring it out.
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