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Default Re: Couple of hands.

1. fold
2. Tougher decision here. The button is clearly trying to isolate the SS, so I think he has AK, AQ possibly AJ or maybe an underpair to you. JJ, TT, 99 most likely. I seriously doubt he has AA or KK. He would just call hoping you would come along. The real question is why would the SS only raise 3xBB as opposed to pushing?? Has he been playing well up to now? If so, I would potentially give him credit for AA, KK and hoping for action. Slightly read dependant. Without a read on shortie, and with the obvious isolation play, I would push. I would expect the button to call with one of the hands above and be very happy if he showed me AQ or JJ!

3. PUSH. duing the early rebuys, you gotta double up... alot!
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