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Default Re: PLO8 hand please

[ QUOTE ];hand=170173

basically I just wanted to know whether I made the correct call preflop and river... dang it...time to eat dinner...I'll be back...just wanted to get this off


[/ QUOTE ]

If we ignore the preflop play, post flop, shoving is fine if and only if you think your flush draw is good.
There is never anything wrong with shoving a low draw and flush draw on the flop so long as both draws are good. If someone has a higher flush draw you're in trouble big time, which is why nut flush draws are always the best.
Your hand post flop plays well with 1 opponent or multiple opponents so long as no-one has a higher flush draw. I would have no problems shoving on that flop from time to time if the table is full of calling stations. There are very few hands that dominate you here which is the important thing to note.
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