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Default I suck for writing this (no content)


Running really, really bad does something to your sanity. At least to mine. I have no history for illusions or stuff like that, but sometimes - like today - it feels as if God himself is causing the bad beats. I am so [censored] up right now, I apologize. I run into quads again and again with a full house, getting rivered by 2- and 3-outers back to back to back to back to back, and basically [censored] [censored]. It has been like this for like forever and my bankroll is cut in half. No, almost 2/3 of it is gone.

Variance [censored] you up. I am completely baffled by what it does to my sanity. I should quit. I also hope for forgiveness if you have read this far. At least I put this rant in the proper forum. I reasonably smart but I just can not comprehend how it is possible to run as bad as this. I need to do my homework on variance and probability. Kill me.

I quit. No, I just need a hug, really. I will never become a respected member of 2+2 under this nick after this post. Again I apologize, I just needed to rant.

Oh, and I have tilted a lot.

I have a point with all this though: running really, really bad [censored] you up. OK. Be careful boys and girls, and take care!

(On a serious note, although this post is absurd and stupid, I feel like it is "OK" to post it in this forum. That this section is meant for regurgitations such as this.)
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