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Default Re: A problem with some religous views. Conclusion

What happened to being deceived by your moral sense?

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Its at the end of part 2. I was brief to get to then quickly but all evidence can be deceiving. Anacdotal evidence of someones interpretation of events cannot possibly overcome presently available evidence to the extent required.

We can go into this a lot more if you like, can we dit it in the part 2 thread?

Your view of hell and what it entails could be wrong

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Of course it could but that doesn't make any difference to my claim.

You leave out the facts of sin and finitude. I believe our conscience is given to us by God as part of the image of God. But it is no more an infallible guide than is our reason which is also a gift from God but subject to error due to sin and finitude.

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Sounds reasonable but I'm not claiming its an infallable guide.

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