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Default Re: Buffett, Gates, & Harrington on hold\'em

I think this question is a little loaded. First, I am not following the Gates versus Buffet quote.

Second, it's a little loaded by tying IQ into it. Obviously, IQ relates to someone's potential, but IQ seems hard to measure. Take Chess for instance, there are a lot of brilliant people who will never get the game. Then there are prodigies, who really don't fare well in any other mental "arena." Wouldn't poker be the same way?

Also, KenProspero's points are well put. Not everyone has read the book, and poker is not like a stock market, where we can assume that the information is out there and reflected in our opponents' bankrolls.

I would add this to Kenprospero's points. How many people have read HOH but are incapable of applying the concepts in the heat of battle? Reading a book will not get you ready for the emotional factor of play.
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