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Default Re: Buffett, Gates, & Harrington on hold\'em

If you sit down in a MTT

1. What percentage of players have read any poker book at all (I'd be surprised if it's more than 25%)?

2. Of those who have read any book, what percentage have read it all the way through, as opposed to opening it, and deciding that it's much more fun to play hands than to read a book? (My guess is that no more than half of those who have bought a book have ever finished one).

3. Of those who have actually read a book cover to cover, what percentage do you think have taken the time to really think about what's being taught,as opposed to just looking for the magic bullet that will make them a winning poker player. (I'd again say, no more than 1/2 of those who read the book make the effort).

If all of these people bought Harrington, no more than 5%-6% of the people in any tourneyment have gotten what they can from the book (to be honest, I think it's probably 1%-2%).

If you really absorb Harrington (admittedly, I think I've only scratched the surface), I think you'll be better prepared than at least 95% of the people playing. Very +ev
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