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Default Re: What a Wild Ride!

Since you watch the market a lot you must have some ideas about times of day that certain types of trading tends to develop. I hear a lot of recommendations like fade the opening half hour, market runs counter the day trend in the second last hour of trading, in the last hour the market trades with the day trend, etc. Also I would think you have some ideas where the market might reverse course course on a short term basis. Sounds like a lot of fun and I like your idea of trading 1 contract breaking in.

.. Itís almost like the locals are expecting the news that is coming, good or bad, and trade ahead of everyone elseóthen they fade the move. It takes balls, but thatís how it looks to me. ..

They probably hedge somehow I would think but it does seem like you should be able to think of some way to bet on volatility when the news hits.
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