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Default Re: Stupid question re: Empire/Party I hate to ask but will...

So a couple of months ago when Party nixed rakeback and some accounts got closed at Empire and so on, I moved away from the network. I figured I'd give it a rest and come back when things were in order.

Anyways, I started playing Party again a couple weeks ago, did their Aug. bonus and all that. Then I get the email from Empire regarding its bonus.

This probably sounds silly, but is it worth doing it? Any risk of pissing off one site or the other and losing funds? Do people still have accounts on different skins?

Thanks for any help...


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I have had an account on all the skins and I whore them all when the opportunity arises. Typically Multi, Euro, Empire and Party have monthly or bi-montly reloads (at least they have this calendar year). Intertops and PokerNow haven't had reloads in a long time.

I will probably not whore PokerNow again since they are fully a part of Party and I dont' want to lose my Party accont as they offer the most frequent and least restrictive bonuses as far as clear rates go.

I've never had any problem and take advantage of all bonuses given. The one thing I do do is I also play some sit and goes or MTT's while working off a bonus. I may pay in an extra $20 in fees towards this and I think that may help or it may not, but i know it doesn't hurt.
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