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Default Re: How good is KQo?

In my own experiance the weight of UTG raiser we usually take as a gospel is somewhat fuzzier in a shorthanded games(the shorter the fuzzier it is) as compared to a full game.I`m certainly not advocating reckless plays here but oftentimes you will be up against an inferior hand or a slightly better one.Here though in a SH game u should be thinking not only about the +-EV of your hand but also the cost of folding your hand.If you play 6 handed 10/20 (which is my usual game so I`ll use it as an example) each hand costs me BB$10 + SB$5=15/6 hands=$2.5.00.So the question really is : am I loosing > $2.5 by playing KQo against a raise (for no raise we all agree we play it 100%)?If yes then fold it if no then play it?Look at your stats and don`t forget that your playing stile and image at the table will also have a major impact on your actual results.Its not all mathematics and if it was then the bots will have it all at the end.
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