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Default Re: Sklansky may like this anagram. Sure to provoke debate anyway

Yeah of course, it's not supposed to be some really tough riddle to figure out or anything, I just like the analogy between religious fanatics and drug addicts, it highlights the madness of it all pretty adequately. It's a Richard Dawkin's article from the UK magazine Prospect.

[/ QUOTE ]

Dawkin's is a very clever man who explains science well. The books are brilliant but don't you think he overdoes the evangelical zeal?

I remember watching the Christmas lectures years ago (science lectures for kids) and he spent much of the time bashing religon. It was inappropriate to the point of embarrassment imho.

I'm reading The Ancestor's Tale at the moment which is an excellent journey into the past (if you buy that evolution stuff). Being married to a time lord must have helped.

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