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Here's how sick I am when it comes to collection. I went to LC's twice on Friday, both times figuring to maybe play some 20-40 for at most one or two collections, just because I haven't been there much lately. A social stop.

The big no-limit game was going. I'm hyper selective about that game. Two key players were in the game, and I was still thinking, do I really want to risk losing a few dimes on one pot right before going to Vegas? I'm thinking emotional risk just as much as financial. Shouldn't I just stay in the nice and cozy $20-40 today?

The collection for the 20-40 is now $9/half hour. For the no-limit, which has no jackpot involvement, it is still $7. That was the deciding factor, the $2 per half hour. Both trips, I got in the no-limit game ...

... and ...

Chaching!! Hey babe! I can buy the pizza!

(My first significant pot I had JJ vs 10-10. Five limpers preflop. Flop comes 10-6-6. I got horrendously outplayed and faked out. I bet $100 into the $100 pot. He raised $200. Dandy play, given our history. I misread him completely and shoved the rest of my $1300. He called and showed his flopped full. I good-naturedly said, "I've got outs!"

Bam, here comes the jack, right on the turn. Everybody sucks out. That's the game we play.)

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