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Default Re: What is wrong with you people???

I think you make a good point, and I think kb's response also makes a good point.

The problem is that this is all too common in Vegas. Some of the regulars insist on whining every time they get beat. Like getting dealt AK is a guarantee of winning a pot. They had been whining the whole afternoon. In some way they feel that if they insult the poor player, or make him feel bad, that is only fair since he bad beat them. Its insane.

One of these dudes cold called 2 with 78o against me. Flopped a gutshot in a 3 way pot and called the turn. Hit his straight on the river. 4 outer. This guy is a dream, but I had to deal with half the table trying to comfort me. The problem is that I didn't need or want comforting. This dude was drawing to 4 freaking cards in a 6BB pot. You don't get overlays like that very often. I simply don't understand these regulars mentality. I actually had to defend his turn call out loud to get these people to shut up.

Had to vent.......but you make a good point, I'll try and make more lucid conversation with the regulars rather than stooping to their tactics. I could have made my point in a less confrontational manner.
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