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Default What is wrong with you people???

6-12 game at the Mirage tonight. 2 suckers playing every hand and 8 players of varying reasonableness. These 2 players ARE the game.

When the game started up, one of them talked to the floor, stating that his friend only spoke Croatian, and asked if he would be able to clarify anything confusing for his friend. After much discussion, the floor said that it was OK if one was out of the hand. No big deal.

They proceed to both play almost every hand for 3 hours. They were relatively passive as well. After 3 hours, the non-english guy posts behind the button. It is his action, and he is confused about what his options are. His friend, who had folded, starts explaining to him in Croatian what the situation is. The player clearly cannot understand the dealer. The players at the table, many of whom were bad beat by these guys, start screaming about the language thing. The floorman is from a different shift and declares no talking. I speak up, mention that it hadn't been an issue, and verify that the previous shift floor had, in fact, agreed to let them talk in exactly this situation. I defend them. The floor rules against them. No foreign language under any circumstances.

This is the first time in THREE HOURS that they had talked. Zilch, nada, nothing in non-english. They played fast and were making the game. This is a clear case of poor customer relations and inappropriate application of a rule.

They racked up shortly afterwards. When I asked the english speaking guy why they were leaving he said : "I don't play to make money, I play to have fun. This game isn't fun."

They left, I more or less yelled at two regulars who should have known better than to make it an issue, and I racked up, leaving the table 7 handed with no fish and no list.

What the hell are these people thinking?
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