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Default Re: Low limit ring games more profitable than STTs?

making 6BB per 100 hands

[/ QUOTE ]

hahahahhahahahahahah ahaahahhahahahahahhahahahaha. gasp. hahahahahhahaahhahah ahhahahahahahhahahahahahahah.
gasp. its simply not possible to get 6bb/100 no matter what the stakes are. thats just disgustingly stupid.

as far as sngs vs low limit 6 max goes.. how many tables of 6 max can you play? MAYBE 8, and that would be disgustingly fast. ive done 8 5-10 6max games before, and had a tough tough time with it. i can 20 table 22s without near as much thought or trouble.

as far as bankroll goes.. anybody playing the 22s on 1100 should move up, unless they are retarded like me and love to play 3209580923923 tables with no variance and no stress.

again, i know you said the whole 6bb/100 only doable at x level, but even at .5-1 6 max, if you are 4 tabling, which is still quite a bit too fast for most people, you will NOT get over 4bb/100. you just wont, i dont care who you are.

dont get me wrong, as of late i have been playing more and more cash games, and havent really been running well, but have been wondering why i EVER stopped playing them. then i realized how pissed i get when people call me down after potting the whole way facing a 3 flush board and 4 overcards. oh wait, thats me steaming. ZING. thats why.

in sngs, if you are steaming, you might make a SLIGHTLY incorrect -ev shove, maybe to the tune of -.5% or something. whatever, it happens. if i go on tilt in sngs, my results simply wont change. when im playing massive tables, i play exactly the same no matter what, and all the pushes and calls i could program my calculator to make.

in ring games, you have to think. a lot. you ahve to use yer brain, adjust to different situations, and think a lot on the fly. this limits the number of tables you can play, and also causes more strain on the ol noggin, which causes sessions to be generally shorter.

as far as playing for the future, and higher stakes stuff, cash games are bar none the best way to go, which is why im gradually going in that direction. the ol law of diminishing returns is much kinder to us poker players in deep stack ring games, as you can only do so much with those quickly escalating blinds.

so which side of the argument am i taking? well, i definitely think playing sngs up to the 55 level or so is wayyyyy more profitable than similar bankroll required ring games, as its so simple to just add more and more tables and go pushbot mode. after that though.. the idiots in cash games, especially NL cash games.. make it worth learning over sngs. (that was long.. hope its useful, i dont generally make long posts) holla
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