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Default Re: I\'m a winning player, but I\'m too tight!

I just need to find a way to play 3-4 more hands per 100, that's all.

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I'd prefer you find a way to play more than that, and raise more often as well. When you're playing solid competition, it's important to outplay them pre-flop. But you're taking on donks, and so you should want to see more flops because you know you're going to outplay them post-flop.

This does not mean playing ace-rag, paint-rag, or calling raises with KJ. But I like to play pairs and big cards early, rags in the cutoff or button.

But then I read that you 8-table, which means that you are only playing ABC poker and you are essentially nut hunting.

That's fine. You're obviously beating the game and making good money out of it. You won't get away with that when you move to higher levels, but lower levels are enough of a donkfest where you can ABC all day.

If you start to find that players won't give you action, start picking good spots for a bluff -- not often -- and advertise it. Make notes on which players you've shown bluffs to, and play nut hands the same way in the future. Tight players with vpips in your range can go stretches where no one will give them any action. Find a way to change that.
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