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Default Gave my 2 week notice

I never thought I would actually do this, but I did. I gave my 2 week notice at my IT job and will try this poker thing full time for a while.

I'm probably the least qualified person to be trying this based on the common advice on going "pro" because I am married and have significant financial repsonsibilities, which is the reason why it took me 2 years of contemplating to finally come to this decision. But now that I finally did, I feel free and excited, and I am also certain that it was the right move.

Leaving my IT job was a tough decision to make financially because I will have to make up for the missing income with poker on top of what I was already doing with it on the side in order to maintain my current standard of living. The most likely scenario is that I will cut back on some of the luxuries I've (unwisely) built up to lessen some of the financial burdens.

I know as well as you guys that the ideal thing to do is to keep poker on the side and continue with your regular job. I wanted to keep it that way as much as possible, but poker has gotten to be more than just a hobby now and as a result, I've beem losing motivation at work, and decided I should focus my energy on one thing. It was also very tough keeping up with 8 hours at work and another 4-5 hours of poker at night.

As I've already mentioned, leaving my job was a tough decision to make financially, but at all other levels, it was an easy decision because I know my heart is not in the IT field anymore. Other than poker, I'm not really sure what I want to do, which is not a good thing, but I hope to use this "break" to also do some soul searching.

Everyone in my life thinks I'm crazy, including myself, but I know there's a good chance that I will make it. I don't have a definite fall back plan, but as much as I would hate to do it, I can always go back to getting another IT job. I've also always thought about starting a small bagel shop or something along those lines (something non corporate) so this will also be a good time to give more serious thought to that.

No one knows me here and most of you probably won't care, but I wanted to mark the start of this new journey with a post here so perhaps one day I can look back at this for whatever it's worth.

Here I go !!!!
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