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Default Re: 2+2 private tourney - any interest?

This already exists in two different ways. There are three weekly 2+2 tourneys on Pokerstars. Two on Wednesday nite called Atlantic Trout and Pacific Trout starting at 8 and 10 pm est respectively and a HU trout tourney on Thursday nite not sur of the time. These tourneys are usually sticky posted in the MTT and STT boards every week. We usually get about 15 players and it would be much better with more so you're welcome to join us.

And as another poster has already said there is KOTZ King of the Zoo. Zoo is the internet forum. There are about 16 of these tourneys scheduled throughout the year usually on Thursday nite, had one last nite in fact. You need to have a minimum of 20 posts or something like that to qualify. Check Zoo for details and this link.

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