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Default Re: The right buy in price....

since you now have a roll that is appropriate for that level, you should definitly buy in for the maximum. i don't know who told you to buy in short... it's almost always a bad idea. sure, you won't lose as much, but i think it's 'unhealthy' to base your strategys around trying to lose less. you are trying to WIN MORE... (right?).

[/ QUOTE ]

Don't take this the wrong way, but this paragraph shows a total lack of understanding for the very legitimate reasons why someone might buy in for the minimum. It has nothing to do with trying to lose less. It has everything with avoiding situations where one has the worst of it (playing large-stack NLHE against more experienced opponents) and taking advantage of situations where you can easily have the best of it (wait on big pairs and raise - people will call you anyway). That has nothing to do with minimizing losses.

Yes, if you're the best NLHE player at the table, you should buy in for the max to maximize EV. If you're the best NLHE player at the table the first time you sit down, the opposition is even worse than at most low-stakes NLHE tables out there.
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