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Default Re: Bubble Play with KK

First things, folding obviously is not an option and calling is not going to happen here (potentially 3 way pot out of position, yuck). So, the question becomes how much to raise in my view.

Option 1: Min reraise to 5k. UTG+1 becomes pot committed if he's calling this, so if he's playing it's for all his chips. Unless CO is absoltuely donktastic, he's calling another 2.5k into this now monster pot. This is half your stack so I'm not sure I like this move. If you go this route you are pushing nearly any flop, though 3 way with an Ace on the flop you are toast most likely.

Option 2: Push. Any raise other than a min reraise is for too much of your stack so I think it has to be a push. UTG+1 is still in the same boat, as he's playing for all his chips if he continues in this hand regardless of your action. Now, CO has a difficult decision as you've made it much more difficult for him to call off virtually all of his stack, leaving him with ~2BB. If he calls, great, you have the potential to more than double and if UTG+1 calls (I have a feeling you found one of those AA EP limpers) you could really land a big score with your premium holding. If he folds I'm hoping for an UTG+1 call and hopefully we can KO him.

Worst case you push both fold and you add 5k to your stack for an increase of ~33%. Not a bad return on KK. I like the push.
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