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I felt like experimenting tonight.

A friend told me to try some robitussin. So I drank about 80 mls of it. Waited 40 mintues and nothing happened.

So I went back digging through the cabinet, and found some hydro/apap 10/325 pills and they're supposed to [censored] you up, so I took 3 of them too.

I've also heard that if I drink some whiskey with it, it'll [censored] me up even more.

So my questions are this: Am I going to die?

Will the whiskey make me more likely to die?

Will the whiskey [censored] me up?

I just took the pills 5 minutes ago, so quick answers would be great.

I am also not interested in any [censored] from people that say I shouldn't do drugs. [censored] you guys.
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