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I hate the way you played it.

Preflop I don't think it is such a great idea to raise in that spot preflop. So far you only have one shorty in the pot, against him 97s is not that great of a hand. I do this kind of raises all the time, but not against shorties.

I don't mind CB on the flop that much, but I bet more. Also, I think checking is better there. Your hand has no way to improve on this board. There are a lot of morons who would call with a piece of the board. You are setting yourself up for an ugly turn with no outs.

Turn is chip-spewing. Too many people call with too many hands there. As long as the guy has something, there is no folding equity whatsoever and no way to improve. Just let it go. This is a spot to value-bet TP, not to bluff with air. Almost nobody gonna consider what are you representing at that point.
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