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You should probably checkfold the turn. I'm serious, add it up:

1. He called the flop with one of the multiple straight draws. Almost all straight draws and all of the decent straight draws just moved ahead of you. You lose.

2. He called the flop with an ace or a ten. You lose.

3. He called preflop and flop with a flush draw. So what is his hand? A and J beat you, while T97 are tied up. KQ beats you while Kx and Qx have 14 outs each. The 8 also creates extra outs while many of the remaining garbage draw, in addition to having their eight flush outs, might not have called preflop. You lose somehow most of the time.

4. He called with a seven with a live player behind him. Quite a poor play and most logical kickers are either two pair now or have additional outs to a straight beyond the standard five. He isn't that likely to have this hand and you lose quite a bit.

5. He called with a small pocket with a live player behind him. He's an idiot and when a TAG idiot does play this flop he usually raises instead of calling anyway. You win but he doesn't have this hand.

It's only 4 BB and betting the turn sort of commits you to showing down your hand when a blank comes. It's just too much money for such a poor situation.

BTW, you should have provided a read for MP. It affects the TAG's decisions.
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