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Default The above reply is incomplete

I hit "send" accidentally.

I was about to suggest that someone who's cabable of it tell us how often a full table would even have 3, 4 or 5 players all dealt a pocket pair. (6 or more would seem to be extremely unlikely though it would be nice to know the odds for this, as well as 7,8,9 and 10).

From there we mortals could see how often S/S/S would figure to occur. (The proviso that all pairs see the flop would not be at all far fetched for PARTY games up to 3-6).

It seems this is something that a 40-hour/week low-limit multi-tabler ought to see from time to time; I'm not suggesting it would be commonplace but it should happen with some regularity.

As it stands, it seems to be an extremely rare event. Even allowing for the fact that we are not always privy to it's occurence it still seems to happen far less than one might expect.

Well, more often than "I" would expect.


Any volunteers ?
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