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FWIW this isn't a joke thread or to stir up 'sympathy'...I don't really want/need that. I seriously will leave if the vote is over 50% for me to leave.

I haven't posted the link to the thread BDACH is talking about b/c I have absolutely no clue. Any of the things I've posted that are 'clearly bannable' haven't been in the last week, [img]/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img].

But yes, I'm sure there can be ground to ban most posters if the Mods decide on it.

The main point of this thread was to indicate the absurdity that are trolls (and as usual, Irie more or less trumpt me by creating another, better, and actually reasoned thread with a similar aim).

As for this specific context - BDACH, IMO, is Desdia....and Desdia has had possibly dozens of accounts that aren't really gimmicks, they are created just so that he may mix it up with intelligent posters and attempt to piss everyone off.

Also, for the record, I have made quite a few of strategy posts over the last ~year......nothing ground breaking or monumental but it is what it is. I highly doubt I'd get the coaching requests and/or questions for advice from novice to very good players without making any of them. But I've never pretended to be a WORLD CHAMP or even superior at STTs to anyone else.....but during different periods of STTF strategic history I certainly have contributed in obvious and subtle ways. I know that posters/players *significantly* better than I have stopped posting or post very little due to 'trolling' issues and the unwillingness of players to listen....and that makes me sad, [img]/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img].


[/ QUOTE ]

If this isn't a blatant attempt at fishing for the popular vote and stirring up sympathy for your cause, I don't know what is. Be truthful. What other reason, seriously, would there be for you post a PM I sent to you in the public forum? I didn't respond back negatively to you when you called be a female dog. I didn't berate you and put you down. I didn't respond to you at all. My PM was my private way of letting you know, person-to-person, your actions were unwarranted and that I'm not going to stand for it.

Obviously your motives are shotty and suspect. You had to know that by posting my PM for everyone to see would make me look like a wuss and a crybaby, all the while making you look like some persecuted victim. You're a hypocrite. When you called me a female dog, you didn't pull any punches. Now you're cheesing up like Velvetta trying to exercise damage control when you know you were just dead wrong. I don't care how long you've been on these forums or how valuable your posts have been, you shouldn't be allowed to speak to anyone that way. How would you feel if I called your mother, your sister, or grandmother, or any female that you care for that name? You don't know me well enough to come off like that to me so you meant it exactly as it came off. You meant for it to OFFEND! Offensive behavior and words to any poster shouldn't be tolerated. If Irieguy can talk about mods having "zero tolerance", so can I. This is as good an example as there is.

[/ QUOTE ]

Link please