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Default Re: Advice as Chip Leader in SNG\'s 4-Way

what is key is when there is 2 big, 2 short, and you are one of the former. Its real key to get the lead on the other bigstack, beacause of the divergence of bigstacks. You can force him off some hands alot easier if you have even a small chiplead over him.

How this is applicable is that i'd be willing to take some risks right away...if you win some blinds and get one up on the other BS, you can be away tot the races. If it doesnt work out, and you drop some chips to become 2nd stack, then cool yer horses and play normal. But its worth the risk to get a jump on him.

Losing some chips, becoming 2nd stack....somewhat bad.
Winning some chips, becoming bigstack....VERY good.

The big stacks will diverge, so take the risk to get that jump on him. Be pre-emptive.
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