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Default Re: Blind Defense 10/1

Hands like this I almost always call, bet/raise the turn, and check behind on the river if we even get that far.

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Normally, I'd agree with you, and I should have mentioned this in my post. Here, though, we have JTx with two of a suit. There are plenty of turn cards that will make us queasy. I realize it's HU, and therefore these draws don't show up as often, but I still say you need to raise to freeze any that are out there.

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I think raising the flop gets called a lot, it looks like you're just trying to not let him take your blind.

But there's also merit to it because if he'd fold to a raise on the turn, he'll probably check-fold the turn if he calls a flop raise. This gives you a chance to win the pot right on the flop as well, and charge him to draw for a flush, straight, overcards whatever.

The only thing I don't like about that is that it'll tend to make the pot bigger, because now you have to lead out/raise bigger on the turn than you would if you simply called. I like to keep the pot small in this kind of situation.
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