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Default For the Office/Gervais Fans

New series starts soon, I think the BBC has a channel in the US so may get it out there.

From The Sun

OFFICE creator Ricky Gervais is showcasing trailers for his new series Extras on the internet.

Ricky, dressed as a policeman, introduces the show branding it: "My long-awaited new project that some critics are already calling 'the disappointing follow-up to The Office'".

Golden-globe winning star appears to be back on form as Hollywood actor Samuel L Jackson strolls onto set with a cup of tea for Ricky, and he responds by trying to push him out of shot.

In another clip, Ricky insults co-writer Stephen Merchant, calling him a "lanky, pale goggle-eyed freak of a man."

Extras, which will also star Kate Winslet, Ben Stiller, Ross Kemp, Vinnie Jones and Les Dennis, is due to be screened this summer on BBC2

The trailer lists the raft of Hollywood stars, including Kate Winslet and Samuel, ending with a quote from 'Barry Off Eastenders'.

The six-part series, where Ricky plays an unsuccessful aspiring actor, will also feature appearances from Ben Stiller, Ross Kemp, Vinnie Jones and Les Dennis.

FANS can see the video clips on Ricky's website,
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