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Default 2005 college bowls- Tues through championship

Okay, no one has started this, so here you go. We need some input on these games, you NCAAFB pros.

(I have PSU -8 and UCS -7 so far; I would like some more picks. Anyone think the championship game will be under 71?)

Listed lines were from at 9 pm 12/26/05, so any anticipated changes would be appreciated.


Colorado vs. Clemson -9.5/46.5
Rutgers vs Arizona State -10/63 (opened at -13.5)


Boise St vs. Boston College -1.5/54.5
Nebraska vs. Michigan -10.5/46.5


Utah vs. Georgia Tech -8.5/46
Oklahoma vs Oregon -3/55.5

FRIDAY 12/30

Virginia vs Minnesota -4/59
Northwestern vs UCLA -3/74.5
Missouri vs South Carolina -4/51.5
Louisiana State vs Miami -7/41


South Florida vs North Carolina -4/41.5
Tulsa vs Fresno State -7/62
Iowa State vs Texas Christian -3.5/49

MONDAY 1/2/06

Iowa vs Florida -1.5/48
Alabama vs Texas Tech -3.5/47.5
Louisvill vs Virginia Tech -7.5/55.5
Wisconsin vs Auburn -10.5/53.5
Notre Dame vs. Ohio State -4.5/55.5
West Virginia vs Georgia -7/45

TUES 1/3
Florida State vs. Penn State -9/47

WED 1/4
Texas vs USC -7.5/71
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