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Its angleshooting. It doesn't fall in the category of lying about your hand. Its closer in spirit in a NL game when a player looks over and says, how much do you have, and player B replies about 40 bucks, then when Player A goes all in (with 150 in front of him) Player B reveals that he actually has two one hundred dollar chips hidden behind his low denoms and calls the all-in. Complete BS and shouldn't be allowed.


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True, it is angleshooting. But, I don't think your example corollates. In the original example the "blind better" lied about betting in the dark. If the caller was paying attention he could have noticed this.

In your example, player B lied about what player A could not be aware of because the chips were "hidden". Player A asked about something not self evident and would not expect an untruthful answer as a part of gamemanship (and , I believe, illegal).

I agree with others that it is not illegal, but a dick move among friends.


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So if a player could have been aware of it he has only himself to blame. I don't know about you, but I don't look at everysingle other player the entire time from deal to their turn to act.

So, a guy is marking cards...ya know if you were paying attention you would be aware of that. You certainly could be aware of it by watching the players closely and catching them doing it, or examing the cards carefully. The card marker is just implicitly lying about not having extra informatioin about the cards. Basically he's just coffeehousing ya know.

I throw that out for illustration purposes only, of course i think there's a difference between marking cards and lying about having looked at your hand. But I also think there's a difference between lying about your hand, and lying about having looked at your hand.

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