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Default Re: $22 blind 25/50: Push with TT on button aftre min-raise + caller

Furthermore, I need help doing ICM calculations on this one:

I put SB and BB's calling ranges to TT+, ATs+,AQo+ (5.3%)and UTG1 and UTG2 to 88+, A8s+, ATo+, KQo, KQs (9.8%).

[/ QUOTE ]

But, that's not 9.8% of the range with which they would already have put chips in the pot. You've got to figure out what their intial ranges were for entering the pot and then determine with what percentage of those they will call the raise.

The chance of not being called is 0,902*0,902*0,947*0,947 = 72,8%??
But when I have to do ICM-calculations on each of the possible scenarios if being called I got a problem (72,8+9,8+9,8+5,3+5,3= 102,3%!!!!)

[/ QUOTE ]

It looks like this is because you have not accounted for the possibility of two (or more) players calling the raise.
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