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Default Re: I want to buy Hand History data

There are many poker problems that could be solved if there was a good poker bot avilable for testing.

It doesn't actually have to play online.

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sorry, i disagree.

developing *any* AI product based on data from above average to good players using play patterns is trouble. now, for the first time, due to better databases, this info is readily available in large sample sizes and thus is a threat to the game.


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So people are allowed to do it in their heads but not allowed to do it with a computer? Should we also make things like pokerstove illegal because they process hands faster than a human can do it?

I'm not suggesting that bots play online or should be developed to play online. However, I do think that poker strategies can be refined using a poker bot that can run a hand millions of times against different opponents and boards to see which betting lines are the most profitable and whether or not marginal plays are actually +EV or -EV.

However, at this point in time it would be very difficult to create something like this without not only a great expertise in AI and machine learning, but also a great expertise in poker. I doubt that such an intelligent bot will be created in the near future.
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