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The river was good.

I don't like the preflop call. You won't win this UI very
often oop and you don't have the odds to play it for a set.

On the flop, if anything you want to bet and hope for a raise or just c/f.

On the turn, there isn't any reason to think that CO doesn't have you beat.

[/ QUOTE ]

Ha, I cut out the only part you liked to hopefully get better replies (not that yours sucks).

PF I thought was a no-brainer from a 19 PFR player - granted I don't have relative position to protect my hand.

I don't see UTG raising the flop w/ overcards so I wasn't really feeling a flop bet.

On the turn, it's not like I think I have CO beat 80% of the time or anything, but I think I do more often than rarely. I'm not sure what the cutoff is supposed to be for this play to be +ev though.
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