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Default Re: 10/20 TT Calldown

Through my experience, there have been plenty of times where Villian will cap with AK, 3-bet with AK on the flop and lead the turn in hopes of representing something he does not have. I think it is highly likely that Villian will call down here with AK, so if you play it aggressively like I suggested, you will maximize profit with your tens. I am all about maximizing profit so many times I am aggressive when others might be passive. Against Villian's range of hands, I think aggression is warranted with TT. Just calling is simply wrong.

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It looks to me that you dont yet understand that there are times when being passive actually makes more money than being aggressive. This is so becuz the passive line will actually save you more money when youre behind then you can possibly make the times you are ahead and you take an aggressive line. IMO you have clearly not thought about this situation long enough. A good example of taking a passive line in a situation similar to this thread is in HPFAP by David Sklansky & Mason Malmuth, page 133-5. I suggest you read it. It may help you in the future.
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