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Default Re: Middle set 9s vs. turn 3-str8 and flush draw

Thanks to Bluff and Tilt for your excellent replies.

Bluff, can you explain this statement?

you are sometimes going to have to allow yourself to be bluffed off the best hand when a scare card gets there, in order to win on those situations in the long run.

[/ QUOTE ]

My reason to pot it on the turn was as you said, I couldn't be bluffed off the pot, and I would have the correct odds to call the rest of my stack even if Villain hit the nut str8.

Interestingly, Rolf described nearly the exact same situation in his article "Ace Speaks: An unusual play", and advocates check-raising all-in in order to cut down on the implied odds. However, I was worried that occasionally, this TAG will check behind if he has a drawing hand.

I was definitely not worried that Villain had TTQJ or ATTx because I know his play well enough that he would have raised the flop.
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