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Default Re: AA play - thoughts?

Terrible, terrible, terrible. And here's why:

BB bets 60 chips, I raise to 280, Button folds, BB calls. What do you put him on at this point?

[/ QUOTE ]

Do you understand?

[/ QUOTE ]

I don't think I do, not entirely.

I guess you're suggesting that there's no way he bet-calls with top pair weak kicker.. he either reraises or folds. But I'm not entirely convinced that's true... I've seen people bet-call with top pair weak kicker plenty of times. Not that it's necessarily the right play, but it's certainly been done.

Oh and by very dangerous flop I was talking about, you know, something like 8 9 10 of clubs, or something like that.

I don't disagree that I should have at least entertained the idea of a flush draw... On the turn I wanted to avoid getting sucked out on on the river to a back door flush. And, I thought, worst case scenario, if he did have the flush, I still had nine outs to improve -- not great, but at least I'm not drawing dead.

Yeah, I don't know. I got greedy I guess. I wanted to double up, instead of win another small pot with my aces. Was just an SNG, so it didn't hurt to mix up my play a bit.. I guess it's a lesson learned.
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