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Default Re: Am I an inveterate LAG? (3/6 NL)


Play 200 or 400NL, it will make your learning curve less expensive.

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Oh, I normally do play 400NL, but I had a note on one of the guys sitting in this 3/6 game saying he was a donk, so I figured I would take a shot.

Anyway, assuming I have 8 outs on average if called, I think he has to fold something like 45% of the time to make the play profitable. If he folds a pair lower than aces 100% of the time, then the only question that remains is whether he has those 45% of the time. Given that my read wasn't that strong, it probably isn't that high, and the raise was wishful LAG thinking.

Any other thoughts would be appreciated, thanks for the input.
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