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Default *OFFICIAL* Thanks To 2+2 For A Great 2005 - Appreciation Thread Ahoy!

I know Thanksgiving is the "official" time to give thanks, but we probably all should do so more year-round, especially when a year comes to a close and you take a moment to reflect on the days that have passed.

Doing that, I thought about dropping Mason, David, Ed, and all of the other writers of wonderful 2+2 books a note to thank them for all their hard work -- not just with the books, but in also keeping this site going.

Props especially to Mason, who started it all, and keeps it all running, and invariably doesn't get the kudos he deserves on a frequent enough basis.

I also want to thank the moderators for keeping this site (relatively) problem-free, and while I know there have been occasional minor bumps along the way, ultimately, moderators make the boards much better.

So... from me (and whomever else wants to chime in): thanks to 2+2 and everyone involved with it and its site for a great 2005.

And a happy (and SAFE) New Year to all.

Barron Vangor Toth
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