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Default Blinds Battle at the Bell

30/60 at the bellagio a couple weeks ago. I am down alot but not steaming. Should have a TAG image.

Table was fairly loose but this time its folded around to me on the button, where I sit with KK.

I have tried to steal once or twice on this guy, but not all that much, i think i won those hands without going to showdown. He was a younger guy, pretty good player, a slight LAG, and up alot of money. He had a hint of arrogance like he thought he was much better than the rest of the table, although to me it seemed like this was one of his first times playing this high. He was acting as if he was just outplaying everyone, when in fact he was just mostly getting great cards to hold up.

I raise, SB folds, He 3-bets, I call.


Ace rag rag (rainbow)

He bets, I raise, he calls.


rag (no straights, completes rainbow)

He checks, I bet, He raises, I...?

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