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Default Re: great opener


I've been thinking on this one, wanna throw it in for discussion:

Subject: Wow, I've been wasting my time till now!
Body: Cos 'now' is when I saw your picture, and read your profile!

<do your mojo here>

go into something specific on her profile AND/OR talk about something very, very specific on her picture.

My suggestion on the specific is compliment her on one thing, and elicit a response based on a question about this thing.

example: 'You have really beautiful eyes! Do you think they're your best feature? You must think that!'

Pick the best feature, don't just do this randomly. Try and steer away from butt, legs, breasts etc. Try eyes, hair, 'poise' (this works well face-to-face), smile, taste (for clothes etc - I doubt this'll fly with myspace though, given the awful dress sense I've seen from pics posted here [img]/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]), and so on.

Alternatively, try and pick up something about her personality that comes across (from pic or profile), and do the same with that. DO NOT say 'you seem crazy!' if she says something like 'I'm so crazy', make it YOUR take on her, but such that she is bound to reply cos she'll have an opportunity to talk about herself.

Gimme opinions on all this please. I'm trying to adapt real-time talking to girls to myspace for the benefit of OOT, so I'm feeling my way here.

I'm also aware these suggestions seem blindingly obvious - but I've been surprised how sometimes the obvious isn't really that obvious to some [img]/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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