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Default Huh ?

A 3BB/100 win rate with a SD of EIGHTY BIG BETS PER 100 HANDS ?

Agression is good but the fact that "call" is a four-letter word does not make it an obscene play.

An 80BB/100 SD is all but impossible for a winning player - for that matter I'm not sure a LOSING player could manage this trick; there are, after all, a limited number of opportunities to shove chips into the pot.


To answer your question . . .

There is no realistic chance that a 3BB/100 winner could ever go through 2,500 big bets even with an SD this large.

Your ROR with this WR and SD would be negligible with a stake of ONE thousand dollars and bear in mind mutiplying your stake by 5 does not reduce your ROR by 80%; it reduces it by upwards of 99%.

If this is merely an academic question I'll let someone else explain the formula for calculating ROR.

If these are your real figures you might want to get a script for Valium; if this is not possible you might want to consider drinking heavily during your sessions.

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