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Default About the mega-affils who initially offered Party RB...?

So immediately after the split, when many of the mega-affil's were touting the fact that they hoped to soon have "deals" in place with Party for officially-sanctioned RB, I had a few friends who signed up under This is the Nuts to take advantage.

Come first payment period, TITN claimed that they weren't receiving any commission for all of the new players they had signed up during the frenzied free-for-all period, and therefore they couldn't pay. I'm interested in knowing what exactly happened...was it simply that Party turned off their individual trackers (so they couldn't work out how much to pay each player, and therefore just made up a little white lie about not receiving commission at all), or was it actually the case that Party decided not to give them any commission on the avalanche of new players they signed up (some under dubious 'second-account' circumstances)? I told my friends I suspect the former, but really am not sure.
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