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Default Re: Party points for the homeless (OT)

It'd be a nice gesture, and I would participate if I hadn't just closed my old party account to get bakerack, but do you think the average person would be more/less likely to give a bum money when he's wearing a partypoker sweatshirt?

[/ QUOTE ]

You've got a decent point, but the 'bum' comment is way out of line. I think there are plenty of people in this forum who would better meet the description of 'bum' than would the average homeless person. What does a professional poker player contribute to society? Also, the vast majority of homeless people are not panhandlers. Though they may live off of charity or public assistance, they are not soliciting money from passers-by, and so their income will not be affected by wearing such a sweatshirt.

Good idea, Dave. I wonder if Party/Stars would consider allowing players to trade points directly for a donation to a charitable organization? There are a lot of middle men that could be cut out if we didn't have to order sweatshirts and then donate them in order to do something charitable.
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