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Default Re: Party 50+5 bubble with Tens

I know you're a good player, and I think I deserve a little more than this.

[/ QUOTE ]

Fair enough, I didn't pay attention to the details, as I am doing well in the 500k on pp right now. It's just that it's one of those situations where worse hands fold, and better ones call I think. And I dont think that you can only go broke on 3 unders, J high or Q high arent THAT bad. I suppose that a push is best though after reading the hand agian, although I'd puke on my monitor before doing it, and pray that a ten rivers.

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Yeah, I bascially reasoned that a fold from both of them wins me 5.5 bbs, about 1/3 of my stack, which is pretty good. But I knew more realistic was that the OR would call and I'd be left with at worse 4 bbs. Go hard or go home...

Here come results...

I pushed. The raiser had KK, and UTG had 99. Both called and I rivered a flush. Yay for suckouts. I made it to 16th in the tourney, and got robbed of the final table. Oh well, thanks.
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