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Default Random Tuesday Night Out - Trip/Consumption Report - Long

So I have been working pretty hard lately and am also trying to get out of some holiday doldrums, what better way to do so then to get completely wasted on a Tuesday night.

My old college buddies are back east for the holidays/off from work. They mostly live in the suburbs as Manhattan was deemed not their style a few years ago (they are married/engaged/practical--but drunks) so we all converge around Penn Station at around 7. I was a bit late because of work, the need to go home and change, and my usual "I’ll sit and play for 15 minutes but it turns into an hour session because I'm stuck"

I arrive at "Stout" a pretty nice bar around Penn Station, this area is reserved mostly for commuters and I hated being there. The crew wanted to remain close to mass transit and it didn’t matter because we all just planned on talking with each other anyway.

My first beer was a Bluepoint Stout. Excellent brew; think a cross between a Guinness and a Sam Adams. Very tasty. I chased that with a shot of Jameson and a Parliament outside while I called our other friends to tell them to get up here.

Next round was a Yuengling and bar food. We had about 7 dudes, but weren't too hungry. We ordered:

6 mini cheeseburgers - Think gourmet white castle, with a swiss/dijon/mayo cream sauce. 7/10.

1 order of chicken fingers –5 or 6 total, - excellent honey mustard! Such a rarity 8/10

One dozen mild wings - really good, not too spicy and it was almost like they were fried twice. GREAT blue cheese, 10

Fried Clams with tartar sauce, absolutely phenomenal. I was shocked.

The verdict is if your looking for great bar food in Manhattan, I've never had better.

I had a few more beers, but this morning it is blurry, I know I had a couple of Bass, a Guinness and a few more Jameson’s. I may also have downed my friends Dewar’s on the rocks when he wasn’t looking just to piss him off.

Towards the end of the night I chatted a bit with the one very nice, cute waitress in the joint, and possibly the only attractive female in the bar, as we were smoking outside. My game was thoroughly dismantled when my friends marched out unexpectedly and announced we were going to a strip club.

“Thanks for the light” my could have been bride shouted to me as I was hauled down the street to the vicinity of “Jacks Cabaret”. Jacks is a topless joint in the midtown area, I have never been, but it probably sucks like all strip clubs in NY. We were waived the entrance fee of $20 because my friends brother knew the host from 3 years back. I walked in and ordered two beers from the bar $18, handed the cute as hell cocktail waitress a $20 and sat down to watch the live show. “Lana” immediately approached me. Lana was a late 20’s black girl with a ridiculous body and real boobs. She was very handsy and well spoken/funny/sociable and she got me to get a table dance right off the bat. I went for two songs, $45. Lana stuck around, and I got suckered into buying her a drink. Basically in NY, the buying of a drink consists of she hangs out naked and caresses you while you spend $18 bucks on a shot of Patron and she tries to talk you into going upstairs to the VIP room, $300 for a half hour. My friend bought me a third lapper with Lana, her exact quote was “one more drink and we can do a lot more upstairs, I’m getting pretty horny” and by this point I was pretty sick of her. I told her to skedaddle and summoned over the waitress for a $15 dollar Jameson on the rocks and the skinny Russian 20 yr old by the door. Both came with a smile and nothing else. “Lucy” was hot and sexy and a girl I could spend the rest of my life with, but she sucked at lap dances. Sadly, my experience is that black girls give much better lap dances. So right before I hit the road, I threw a $20 to Jasmine, about 5’4, 100, long curly hair and probably fake [censored], almost like a Lil Kim body double. She appreciated the directness, threw me down on the chairs in the corner and gave me a wonderful dance, even copping a feel of the ol’ pice as she also asked me to go to the VIP room. Again I declined, and went to say my goodbyes. I put on the Ipod and hailed a cab, I passed out to the Sun Kill Moon cover of Dramamine and arrived at my pizza place errrrr apartment at about 12:30. A pepperoni and a chicken slice later, I sat in front of my computer and played laggy drunken poker, winning one amount on one site, and losing the same amount on the other. I went to bed around three clutching a bottle of Advil and a pizza crust. Woke up at 6:30 AM this morning and actually feel ok. Though I am sure that will change by noon.
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