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Default Re: How do you play that draw?


Scenario 1 : I call, UTG folds, UTG+1, makes it 1500, MP goes all-in (1800), Hero ?

Scenario 2 : I call, UTG folds, UTG+1 Calls

Turn : A of spade, UTG+1 bets 750, MP calls, Hero?

I was also thinking if Raising on the flop was a good idea?

[/ QUOTE ]

Scenario 1: hero calls. Hero has 8-11 outs and is getting like 3:1 to call.

Scenario 2: You're certainly at least calling. You're getting amazing pot odds even if you don't have the best hand. Your flush outs alone justify this scenario, but it's fairly unlikely. With a pot that big and a 4-flush on board, if someone has 99 they're going to bet more than 750 - more like 1200-1500, probably.

I'd limp, because I think more callers is better, because the bigger the pot and more people, the better the odds you stack someone if you hit. How you play the turn just depends on the stack sizes and the bet, if there is one.

Here's a scenario: you call, all fold. Turn: is Tc. Checked to you.

As far as reraising the flop, you can certainly do it. If your opponent has TT or under and no set, you are +EV even without fold equity. But if he has QQ+ or a set, he's not laying it down and you are not a favorite with only 8-9 outs.

So I like a call. A call is unquestionably +EV on the flop, whereas a push depends on what your opponent holds and how likely he is to fold. If you think he's weak and *likely* to fold to a push, then push.
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