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Default Re: Age of players and age bias

yes there is age bias and yes it works in our favor big time at the tables if you know how to use it. im 28 but look a bit younger to most. older people really resent our youth and our ability to play well. they hate the idea that there may be someone much younger than them who has played for a much smaller period of time who may already be better than they will ever be at poker. rather than just respect that and play their best, they become even more fish like and chase and call you down. so if you just play solid and smart against them, while occasionally feeding them a false image that your a fast-playing gambling kid who needs to be kept in check they will give you unlimited action on your good hands.

sometimes i say out loud "that f*cking kid" in a mocking old man tone as i scoop a big pot and stare down a haggard wrinkled old face as i do so. this makes them so angry, you can see it in their tired grey eyes. little touches like this ensure that the games will be especially good for me for at least as long as im not that tired old face.

(of course dont do this to fish youll scare off--only semi-strong players prone to tilt, use this in moderation, dont do it in a small club where it would be considered over the top, dont do it to men who carry guns and know where you live, yada yada yada).

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