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Default Re: Help me to play this hand better.

Hey bankrobber,

The bottom line is if the other player is on a draw then he is not getting the proper odds. Especially, since I assume you will jam the turn. He is not getting odds on one card with only 6 dollars in the pot, even with your call. If you can get any sort of a read on him then cold-call the flop and make a healthy bet on the turn when you don't think he hit. Even if a flush does come off, you may be stuck raising b/c the worst thing you can possible do is letting the opponent draw out to a one-card flush cheaply [img]/images/graemlins/shocked.gif[/img].

Also, consider what sort of a player he is. Would he get concerned that his massively oversized flop bet got smooth-called (I would be)? If he is insenstive to that then wait 'till the turn, but if he will get suspcious and think about folding the turn, then you might as well get your money in on the flop while you are definitely ahead.

Also, I doubt that you folded out two pair in a 1/2 NL; players simply cannot make those laydowns. Two pair, even bottom two, rarely folds on a non-straight, non-flush flop, even if they have a difficult time imagining any that would raise them that they are beating.

- Flushed
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