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Default Re: I just went on tilt at NL200 and NL 400 and lost 3/4 my roll

To elaborate, I lost 3/4 of the money I keep online (so about 3 grand). I've saved 13k of my winnings in a bank account and refuse to touch that. I'm just utterly disgusted with myself; it's as if I just handed out three thousand dollars to people.

The biggest advice I can offer is something all of you already know: poker is a game done over the long run, and this time period consists of your entire "career." So, if you get "screwed" again and agan and again and again, just fuking stop playing. I put 'screwed' in quotes because you're not really getting screwed over; this is just the nature of the game we play (it's inevitable).

As I sit here now, sixteen hours after my idiocy, I remember that poker is always profitable for me in the long run. But at the time, in my irrationality, I felt like I couldn't sleep before I made some of my losses back. I don't really know how to stress this advice, since I didn't even follow it (and everyone here already understands variance).

Don't ever play above your limits when on tilt; if you're not prepared to do this when playing rationally, why do you think you'll suddenly conquer the above limits in that state of mind? Sure, you could triple up and make everything back; but you'd need to get to lucky to do this. Why would you ever want to put yourself in a position that requires a lot of luck? Part of the reason, the game is profitable for you is b/c other people make this mistake.
Don't play on tilt.
Don't talk in the chat when someone outdraws you. It doesn't make sense. A)It will always make you angrier: if he laughs, says "look who has the money," or even if he doesn't say anything it'll enrage you. B) You're yelling at a guy for putting his money in with a hand that will lose to yours the majority of the time. What the [censored]? It's not his fault he got lucky.

It's the most obvious "advice" in the world. And I somehow forgot it all and threw away three grand. Pathetic.
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